Handyman Pricing

At Nelson Bay Handyman, all pricing is based on what we discuss with you the customer and will include:

  • labour costs (fixed hourly/1/2 hour charge)
  • costs of materials, specific items purchased by us for the task and consumable items
  • costs associated to remove and dispose of waste and waste product to an approved waste depot (this includes the waste depot fees and charges)
  • hire of equipment and tooling
  • use of third parties if required (ie; builder, plumber, electrician, etc)
  • travel costs if required

Written quotes provided may be either:

  • fixed price for the agreed scope of work (covering all the above that are applicable to the task)
  • agreed labour charges until scope of work is complete
  • a mixture of agreed labour charges and material/item and consumable costs until the scope of work is complete

Payment for services and materiel items provided is required by cash, bank cheque or money transfer into a nominated bank account by the nominated date on the invoice. We do not accept personal cheque or credit cards.

Where the agreed scope of work is expected to exceed 5 working days, an invoice will be presented at the end of the 5th working day for payment of services and materiel provided to date.

Late Payment/no payment by due date

One reminder email will be sent to the nominated point of contact for the work undertaken. If payment is not made within 7 days from the reminder email 10% of the total invoice price will be added to the original invoice and will be resent to the nominated point of contact.